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Welcome to Low Voc Flooring. We specialize in No & Low VOC Flooring Products & Materials. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, which are found in a lot of today's manufactured flooring, and household products. VOC's are harmful to the air quality within any home.

Bamboo flooring is probably the most popular of the Low VOC type products available today. Bamboo offers excellent durability & visual appeal, while the process of harvesting bamboo is widely accepted as organic sustainability.

Low VOC carpet is also available through select brands. Low VOC carpeting has the same look & feel of traditional carpeting; however the health risks are much more limited with the use of low voc carpeting. This is good news for the homeowner, as well as the carpet installers & other contractors.

It is always a good idea to choose low voc adhesives for any flooring needs. Low voc adhesives have a lower amount of Voc's than the standard wood flooring or carpeting adhesives normally chosen. Using a combination of low voc flooring & low voc adhesive makes any home, or office healthy & eco-friendlier to all.

We provide the best resources for quality flooring which emits no off-gassing of dangerous Volatile Organic Compounds; thus safer for the home. Currently there are only a handful of low voc floors & carpets available to the general public, however with time more manufacturer's will realize the importance of Low Voc Flooring products.

The acceptance of low volatile organic compounds in the heart of the flooring industry means better quality products, which are healthier to the end user. We hope all manufacturers will choose to become eco friendly, while maintaining a sustainable healthy way of living.
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